About Us

Civic Leadership is the umbrella organization of civil society and non-profit organizations (NPO) in Israel.  Founded in 1986, the organization focuses on the range of issues which influence civil society organizations as a whole.  Civic Leadership is a national, apolitical organization, counting hundreds of charities and NPOs among its members.

Vision and Aims

To establish civil society, as a key influence on the formation and leadership of social, environmental and economic policy, together with the public and the private sectors.

  • To represent a wide spectrum of communities and organizations active in civil society with the authorities and government
  • To promote an agenda that serves the common needs of the NPO sector, while simultaneously respecting the different perspectives and agendas that exist in civil society and which form the foundations of democratic society
  • To spearhead a change in the attitude of the general public towards civil society organizations and their activities

Why an Umbrella Organization?

Civil society organizations share common goals and requirements. Civic Leadership’s purpose is to act as a focal point for its various member organizations, to distill a single message which accurately and clearly represents their interests, and to promote that message with the relevant governmental bodies.

Civic Leadership works to support you, so that you can support others.

Main Channels of Activity

  1. Representation of civil society organizations with government offices, the Knesset and regulatory bodies
    • Mapping out and compiling common requirements
    • Opening up channels of communication and information
    • Overcoming bureaucratic and budgetary obstacles
  2. Promotion of cross-sector policies around a variety of common interests
  3. Leadership of internal processes within the NPO sector which strengthen civil society
    • Initiating discussions within the NPO sector
    • Consolidating and guiding common agendas
    • Encouraging cross-sector collaborations


Recent Achievements

  • Leadership of the campaign to correct the procedures for receiving government support and monies, including cancelling personal liability (2013-14)
  • Active participation in legislative proceedings to amend the Companies Law and the Charities Law (2013-14)
  • Expert testimony to the Frisch Committee (Amending Clause 46 of the Income Tax Law) (2014)
  • Establishing a system of joint procurement for associations and charities (2014)
  • Significant contribution to the drafting of the main principles of the new Charities Act (2014-15)
  • Management of the Tel Aviv “Beit Ha'Amutot" (Civil Socity Center) (2015)
  • Recruitment of the “CEO’s Organization” as a strategic part of Civic Leadership. The CEO’s Organization is a representative body of hundreds CEOs from the NPO sector in Israel

We invite you to join us and take part in the efforts to promote civil society organizations

and the non-profit sector in Israel.

Tel: 072-2785421 / office@migzar3.org.il / www.migzar3.org.il

26 Saadia Gaon St., PO Box 20001, Tel Aviv 6713521