About Us

The Israeli Civic Leadership Association (Civic Leadership) is the umbrella organisation of the third sector, non-profit organisations (NPO’s) throughout Israel. Since 1986 this organisation has been dealing with a multitude of legislative and national issues that affect the activities of all the NPO’s from an overall perspective. Civic Leadership aims at making it easier for NPO’s in Israel to operate and to fulfil their goals. The association is a national, apolitical organization whose membership includes hundreds of NPO’s from throughout the country, each involved with a wide range of fields of content and endeavour.

Umbrella Organisation:

Each NPO was established in order to achieve its own specific purpose. However, they all have common goals and needs. We are here to focus these common needs into a single sectorial voice and to help all of them, in their missions by promoting their common interests at the appropriate levels of government and regulation.

We Believe:

We at Civic Leadership believe that cooperation on the basis of common interests, increases the probability of success. We believe in establishing the third sector as an influential factor in formulating and leading social, environmental and economic policy, alongside the public and the business sectors.

Our Contribution:

We operate along three main tracks:

  1. Representing social organizations at government, Knesset and regulatory levels.
  • Mapping and coordinating common needs
  • Opening up channels of communication and encouraging the flow of information
  • Removing bureaucratic and budgetary obstacles
  1. Promoting policy and legislation that supports the entire third sector, around common sector-wide issues, including advocating common interests with the authorities.
  2. Leading processes within the sector that enhance positive civic action.
  • Promoting communication within the sector
  • Forging and leading a common agenda
  • Encouraging cooperation within the sector

Every organisation works towards achieving its targets.

Promoting the common purpose of the third sector in Israel is our purpose.

The Role of Civic Leadership

In its role as the umbrella organisation of the third sector, Civic Leadership is active in:

  • Representation of the third sector in their interactions with the authorities and the government.
  • Leading change in perceptions and attitudes in society and among decision-makers, about civil society organizations and their activities.
  • Striving, both conceptually and technically, to promote a common sectorial agenda, while preserving the diversity of voices and the agendas existing in civil society which are the cornerstone of a democratic society.

There are many issues, that concern the third sector in Israel around which it is possible to cooperate:

  • Issues arising from the burdens of regulation and bureaucratic obstacles
  • Issues of taxation such as, VAT deduction, entitlement to deductions according to Section 46 certificate (donations), and the status of non-profit organizations regarding Local Authorities and municipal tax payments.
  • Establishing and maintaining effective relationships with elected public representatives and government officials.
  • Promoting social policies in a wide range of issues.
  • Strengthening the sector alongside the public and business sectors.

Examples of Civic Leadership's Contribution:

2008:            -The revocation of employers'  tax for NPO’s

2013-2014:  -Implementation of an improvement to the procedure for receiving subsidies

                        from the state, including the cancellation of personal liability

2014:            -Representation of the third sector before the Frisch Commission resulting

                        in an amendment to Section 46 (donations) of the Income Tax Ordinance

2014-2015:   -Participation in formulating the main points of the new Associations Law

2015:             -Initiating, launching and managing the "Beit Ha'Amutot" complex in Tel Aviv

2016:             -Establishing the Caucus for Civil Society Organizations in Israel

         -Initiating the expansion of the conditions for exemption from municipal taxes for national


         -Launching the Declaration of the Civil Society Organizations.

2017:              -Launching an Internet database for managing the interface between NPO’s and


                         -Leading the consultations between government ministries and the third sector in

                         significant processes such as improving regulation and changes in reporting procedures

How Civic Leadership Operates:

We represent the third sector at the interface with government ministries, the Knesset and the regulating authorities, and promote policies which support the third sector. This entails:

  • Initiating legislation and representation on Knesset committees
  • Strengthening the connection of non-profit organizations with the relevant regulators
  • Leading the representation of the third sector in the "Government-Civil Society Initiative"
  • Establishing the Caucus for Civil Society Organizations in the Knesset
  • Leading professional project teams on sectorial issues
  • Including civil society organizations in decision-making processes and listening to the voices which express the needs from the field
  • Permanent participation on the "interface roundtable" at the Prime Minister's Office

We lead intra-sectorial processes to strengthen civil society through:

  • Leading a participatory dialogue among civil society organizations and promoting a common agenda – while formulating a clear, sectorial voice and driving for joint action.
  • Strengthening the representation mechanisms in the third sector: As the umbrella organization, we see great importance in continuing to build trust and improving cooperation with the organizations in the field in order to represent them faithfully. We do this in order to give expression and representation to the diverse voices that exist in Civic Society, in broad-spectrum processes within the sector at the national and local decision-making centers.
  • Joining the Forum for CEO’s of Social Organisations – The Forum is an initiative of the managers of social organizations, that operates today within the framework of Civil Leadership. The Forum aims at building a professional and supportive community in order to strengthen and professionalize the third sector.
  • Management of "Beit HaAmutot" (NPO Home)– The NPO Home is a collaborative work space that promotes social innovation, while enabling budgetary savings for non-profit organizations. It is a place where associations can work, meet, become acquainted, and connect with other social organizations in civil society.

We believe that together, we have the power to represent the third sector,  to create cooperation in similar and complementary fields, to enable significant joint action – instead of competition – among the various social organizations and to promote the image of the third sector, as a whole in Israeli society.

Every organization has its own purpose.

Your success is our purpose.

Saadia Gaon 26, POB 20001, Tel Aviv, Israel, Tel: 6713521 / Tel. 072.2785421

www.migzar3.org.il / office@migzar3.org.il